• A six week baby dies in baptism ceremony

    A six week baby has died after a baptism ceremony. The death of baby has prompted an Orthodox archbishop to mention such rituals  will be analyzed to avoid further incidents. The baby had cardiac arrest after he was immersed three times in a holy water in church. Liquid was found in baby’s lungs and can be said as a violent…

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  • Social Media

    How Can Social Media Be Bad for The Society/Community?

    Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? U name it, Social media in this day and age is like an addiction to everyone from young kids to old people. Everyone is hung up in their virtual world. Social media refers to the apps and websites that people use to share their ideas, views, thoughts, feelings etc. on a virtual network. There are millions of…

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  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta(OI)-Animesh Lamichhane

    Osteogenesis Imperfecta: 1 Rare Wishbone Diseases.

    Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) or Brittle Bone Disease is a group of genetic disorders that mainly causes bone fragility. The symptoms are surprised to hear which are unusual in nature, rare, unique, and extraordinary. The term OI came into use in 1895 and means imperfect bone formation. The underlying mechanism is usually a problem with connective tissue due to a lack…

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  • Nepal, Corona virus

    People’s Wants To Be Corona Positive!! It’s Happen Only in Nepal !!!

    Recently Police have arrested two security guards & an assistant at COVID ward of Bheri Hospital, Nepalgunj on charge of making fake doctor’s recommendation papers for free PCR tests. They were found to be collecting money for making fake recommendation papers having a duplicate sign of doctor, according to the police. Currently, the government is conducting free PCR tests only…

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  • health

    Surprising facts about Health

    With new studies and reports being released daily it can be hard to keep track of what’s new in health and wellness. To help you stay on top of your health knowledge we’ve put together 10 health-related facts that just might surprise you. Drinking coffee can prevent depression.                         …

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  • How to be Happy ? here are 10 simple ways to be happy.

    Here are the simple ways to be happy by Pratikchya Dhakal. She talks about the simple ways that can make you happy and live longer. She talked about living in Present and loving the life and living it to the fullest. How to be happy is the main theme she talks about. Watch the full video to learn more tips…

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  • 10 Simple Ways To Eat Less Without Noticing

    What you eat is important, but even healthy food can stop you from losing weight if you eat too much of it. So, given below are some of the tips of eating less without noticing. Use smaller plates                                             …

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  • cancer prevention

    10 Tips to prevent Cancer

    Looking for ways to cut your risk of developing cancer? Here’s some tips to prevent cancer. Avoid using tobacco and alcohol consumption.                                                                             …

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  • breast cancer

    Myths about Breast Cancer

    Until and unless people experience breast cancer in their own lives, or they are close to someone who are suffering, they might not be able to separate myth from fact when it comes to this disease: who gets it and why, for example, or what treatment involves. Breast cancer is one of the better-known and more-talked-about cancers, but there are…

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  • brisk walk

    5 Blood-sugar fighting exercises

    Now-a-days, people of all ages suffer from high blood sugar or diabetes. However, there are several ways of lowering your blood sugar level and get diabetes under control. Exercise is one of the great solution, as it uses increased sugar for energy, and it can bring your increased blood sugar level to a controlled level. Here are 5 exercises which…

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