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Namaste ! ,This is the official channel of Sajha Entertainment.
Are you interested to be entertained and updated from various types of shows ? Do you want to be informed about the recent condition of society? What about witnessing a new talent?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to all the above questions. Then Sajha Entertainment can be a great choice for you because we are here to entertain the whole nation along with social responsibility. Basically, this channel is a package of various types of programmers, shows, news, interviews, movies and many more. We cover the activities of a popular figures and celebrities but at the same time we give a common platform to a new emerging talent and become a voice of voiceless.

All in all, we do works related with online portal for Nepali news, reviews, features, blogs, audio , video society, market, arts, entertainment and many more. So, if you want to be entertained from various types of contents, Subscribe and follow our channel.

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