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  • Quilling art

    An Amazing Way of Expressing Love and Care- Quilling Arts.

    Choosing personalized and memorable gifts for our loved ones can become a tedious task and showing you care with the same old generic greeting cards, frames, cups, teddy, and even those painting goodies has become overdone and cliche. In such a dynamic gifting world, Are you ready to be introduced to a newer and amazing innovation??   Quilling Art is totally…

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  • Instagram to ban accounts who sends hateful DMs

    Instagram will permanently ban accounts who sends abusive or any hateful messages in direct messages frequently. If  a person is found or reported for sending violating or offensive messages to others then their accounts can be deleted permanently and they wont be able to use Instagram. Currently, if someone sends the hateful messages repeatedly that breaks the rule then they…

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  • Natak Nai Ho BEAT box and mimicry New Remix

    When our team went for an interview with this wonderful talent personal, having talents, in acting, dancing and also Beat Box. There is a political Trend of blaming each other at the moment of writing this post. Our team ask him about the current topic and make a song about it, he gave this wonderful song … Do watch and…

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  • Top Five Horror Movies You Must Watch

    Horror movies have been a selling genre in Hollywood since the 1940s. From Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho to The Exorcist or the recent blockbuster The Conjuring. From creepy quietness to subliminal images and spooky music, horror movies have excelled in shivering our bones as we fix our eyes on the screen anticipating the extreme shock and awe. The genre itself…

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  • How to be Happy ? here are 10 simple ways to be happy.

    Here are the simple ways to be happy by Pratikchya Dhakal. She talks about the simple ways that can make you happy and live longer. She talked about living in Present and loving the life and living it to the fullest. How to be happy is the main theme she talks about. Watch the full video to learn more tips…

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  • 10 Simple Ways To Eat Less Without Noticing

    What you eat is important, but even healthy food can stop you from losing weight if you eat too much of it. So, given below are some of the tips of eating less without noticing. Use smaller plates                                             …

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  • VTEN – PAARAA ( OFFICIAL Music Video 2O2O )

    As he discovered his talent in rapping, Samir Ghising made his way to the rap industry by impressing many people. His songs are applauded for being realistic and having ability to relate with the struggle of the young people. Moreover he is applauded for having ability to express his feelings in a exceptional way through his songs. The first Nepali…

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  • 10 Photos of Human Impact on The Environment : Made Nature Cry for Help

    The fathomless relationship between humans and nature exist since the origin of life. Here, the human impact on the environment has caused a drastic change in natural phenomena.  But, nowadays, we know for sure that we haven’t brought much good for our planet so far. The impact factor nature journals 42.778 (2019). Our experts define nature’s “Mood Swings” as a…

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  • Nobel Prizes for Literature, Peace and Economics finally declared, Prizes for 2020 completed

    Nobel Prizes are awarded to those scientists and peoples whose contribution is very much important. Till 2020, the Nobel Prizes and the Prize in Economic Sciences were awarded 603 times. The Nobel Prizes for 2020 are just completed on 12th October. The scientists and organizations which are awarded with Noble Prizes in Literature, Peace and Economic Science are mentioned below.…

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  • Struggle for existence: Oldest Creatures living in this earth since millions of years ago

    nThe earth was evolved about 4 billions of years ago. Till then many creatures evolved and extinct such as dinosaurs. But there are some creatures whose ancestors may have seen dinosaurs too. The evolution of those creatures took place millions of years ago. Ancestors of humans had evolved 6 million years ago but modern humans had evolved around 200,000 years…

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