25 Interesting facts about Human Body

Many of the amazing discoveries in field of science are being played out in the human body.

human body


  1. Your fingernails grow 4 times as fast as your toenails. Nails grow faster in summer than in winter. Men’s nails grow faster than women’s.
  2. An adult is made up of around 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion)atoms.
  3. Infants are born with approximately 300 bones, but as they grow some bones fuse together. By the time, they reach adulthood, they have 206 bones.
  4. You might get surprised that your jaw (masseter) is the strongest muscle in the body. It is responsible for opening and closing your jaw. The tongue is believed to be very strong, but no it can’t lick stronger than the masseter can help us bite.
  5. Your heartbeats 100,000 times a day i.e. it sends 2,000 gallons of blood through the body. heart
  6. Bodies give off a tiny amount of light which is too weak for the eye to see.
  7. The average human adult has 2000 to 4000 taste buds. Children has got more taste buds than that of adults.
  8. Lungs are the only organs that float in body.
  9. Hair grows fast- about 6 inches per year. The only thing in the body that grows faster is bone
  10. People with blue eyes are more sensitive to pain than others. They have a higher alcohol tolerance. Interestingly, they also have higher rates of alcohol abuse and dependency.
  11. You can produce enough saliva to fill two bath tubs a year.
  12. You’re going to be taller in the morning than at night time. You are 1% shorter in the evening than in the morning. That is because your spine compresses the disks between your vertebrae during the day.
  13. Your liver is the only organ that can completely regenerate itself. If someone donated his/her liver to someone else then their liver would grow back to its original size again in few weeks.
  14. Your sense of smell is closely linked with your memories. Certain smells can trigger very strong emotions and memories almost instantaneously. ( Fun fact: Women have stronger sense of smell than that of men.)sense of smell
  15. Eyelashes lasts about 150 days.                                                                eyelashes
  16. Your blood has same amount of salt in it as the ocean does.
  17. Cornea is the only part of the body with no blood supply. It receives oxygen directly from the air.
  18. Goose bumps were evolved to make our ancestors hair stand up, making them appear more threatening to predators.                                                                                         goosebumps
  19. Humans are the only animals with chins.                                                   chin
  20. Human brain has a memory capacity which is equivalent of more than four terabytes on a hard drive.
  21. A newborn child can breathe and swallow at the same time for up to seven months.
  22. It’s possible to brush your teeth too aggressively. Doing so can wear down enamel and make teeth sensitive to hot and cold foods.
  23. Your eyes are always the same since birth, but your nose and ears keep growing.
  24. Except for twins, everyone has a unique smell.
  25. Smokers have up to 10 times as many wrinkles as non-smokers.

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