Struggle for existence: Oldest Creatures living in this earth since millions of years ago

nThe earth was evolved about 4 billions of years ago. Till then many creatures evolved and extinct such as dinosaurs. But there are some creatures whose ancestors may have seen dinosaurs too. The evolution of those creatures took place millions of years ago.
Ancestors of humans had evolved 6 million years ago but modern humans had evolved around 200,000 years ago. The oldest creatures of the earth which are in existence till today are mentioned here will their evolution periods.

20. Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus were evolved 16 million years ago.

19. Kangaroo

Kangaroo were evolved 20 million years ago. The main habitat of the Kangaroos is in Australia.

18. Hyena

Hyenas were evolved 22 million years ago.

17. Crow

The ancestors of modern crows were evolved 30 million years ago.

16. Koala

Koalas having their main habitat as Australia were evolved 30 million years ago.

15. Ostrich

Ostrich were believed to evolve 40 million years ago.The oldest fossils were discovered in the 1930s in central Europe, which showed they have been on Earth for about 40 million year ago but the fossil records of modern ostriches date 20 to 23 million years ago.

14. Bat

Bats are living in this earth since 52 million years ago. The earliest fossil of bats dates back to more than 52 million years ago and it was found in Wyoming, in the United States, in 2003.

13. Elephant

African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) in the Savuti region of Botswana, Africa.

More than 300 species of elephants have been walking on the Earth for 55 million years.

12. Penguin

The oldest penguin fossils date back to 62 million years ago. However, the ancestors of the penguins we know today date back to tens of millions of years ago.

11. Gorilla

Gorillas were evolved 65 million years ago.Today, there are 500 species of primates and maybe even more.

10. Rat


Rats were believed to evolve just after the extinction of dinosaurs which is about 66 million years ago.Rats are all over the planet, especially where humans live. About 2,200 species of rats are living now in earth but the most well-known are beavers, guinea pigs, squirrels, and mice.

9. Alligator

A smiling alligator.

The alligator’s ancestors evolved about 245 million years ago, however, the closest relatives to alligators, the crocodilians, appeared 80 million years ago, which are also related to crocodiles.

8. Snakes

Snakes were believed to have evolved from 4-legged reptilians, probably from landbound lizards or marine reptiles that are known to have appeared on Earth 100 million years ago.

7. Octopus

Octopus were evolved 135 million years ago.

6. Ant

The first ants were appeared 140-168 million years ago and this means that they existed together with the dinosaurs.

5. Lizard

Reptile on a rock

Lizard were evolved 200 million years ago. Today, there are more than 4,675 species, including skinks, monitors, Gila monsters, geckos, chameleons, and iguanas existing on earth.

4. Turtles

Box turtle going for a walk.

Turtles are living in this earth since 200-300 million years ago.The oldest fossil of turtle was found not too long ago (in China’s Guizhou province in 2007) and it was 220 million years old.

3. Frog

The oldest fossil of frog ever found in earth is 265 million years old and it was discovered in Madagascar.

2. Millipede


Millipede were evolved 420 million years ago. They are the first creatures to move on land and some of the oldest fossils ever found. Today there are more than 13,000 millipede species of millipedes on every continent except Antarctica.

1. Shark

Sharks were evolved 450 million years ago.The oldest shark fossils ever discovered are about 450 million years old which directly means that they were on Earth even before dinosaurs. In the past 439 million years, there have been 5 big extinctions and sharks are the strugglers who have survived all of them.
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