Some Weird Facts!

  1. The Amazon River is the second longest in the world in length and the largest in flow in the world, but there is no bridge across the entire river.



2. The distance from the United States to Russia is less than four kilometres.


3. The clouds in the sky look light and fluttering, but a typical cumulus cloud weighs close to 50 tons! Approximately equal to 100 elephants.


4. Roosters do not have Penis. Weird but it’s truth.


5. Ants won’t get injured from falling, no matter how high they fall, they won’t get injured.


6. In 2007, Iran arrested 14 squirrels on suspicion of espionage.

The Iranian government said: These squirrels are strapped to the spy equipment of Western intelligence agencies.


7. Most of the oxygen on the earth does not come from trees, but is dominated by algae in the ocean.


8. No matter which part of the turtle’s shell you touch, the turtle will feel it, let alone hit the shell.


9. If you always want to pinch cute animals, this may be a disease.

The cuter little animals we face, the more intense our brain’s emotional response. In order to prevent our emotions from becoming too agitated, our brains will involuntarily produce some opposite emotions to maintain balance, so we always want to do something destructive Behaviors, such as kneading or pinching.


10. Diamonds can be cultivated. Add methane gas to the diamond seeds, and the diamond seeds will grow at a rate of 0.007 millimeters per hour, and 1 carat diamonds can be grown in a week.


11. Why does the sprinkler play music? On the one hand, it is to remind pedestrians to avoid getting their bodies or clothes wet by water. On the other hand, it is to comfort some people who have been spilled by the sprinkler. Lol, so funny.


12. In the mouth of a cow, its upper jaw has no teeth, and only its lower jaw has teeth.


13. If you have stones in your body, and the diameter of the stones is relatively small, then you don’t need to go to the hospital. It is possible to get the stones out of your body by taking a stimulating roller coaster.

P.S. please follow your doctor’s advice firstly:)


14. The gray whales need the assistance of a third whale to mate. The third whale needs to lift the body of the female whale from below to successfully complete the mating process because they are too heavy.


15. Sperm Whales Standing in the ocean when they are sleeping !!!

Sperm whales sleep like Stonehenge in the sea.


16. Tuna needs to swim constantly, and if it stops, it will suffocate and die.

The gill muscles of the tuna have been degraded. They always open their mouths, swimming non-stop, and obtain oxygen by flowing fresh water through the gills.

If the tuna stops swimming, it will die of suffocation due to lack of oxygen. This breathing method of opening the mouth so that the water flows directly through the gills to inhale oxygen is called impingement breathing, and tuna belongs to this kind.

So tuna will swim while sleeping.

*Note:All pictures above come from the Internet.*

Shishir Lamsal

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