Be Careful !!! Find Difference between original and duplicate device before purchasing it, Duplicate may lead to Damage

Due to increase in the consumption of electrical devices, a large number of fake products are also being manufactured. The fake devices not only misuse our money, but also can affect the functionality of our devices. Some fake devices may install viruses or worms that will affect our devices directly. So, before purchasing any devices, we must be careful that the object is original or not. The best ways to check whether the device we are going to buy is original or duplicate are mentioned below.

  • First of all, before purchasing any device, check the official website of the brand you are going to purchase and collect information about the object. You can also find the picture of the object which you can compare while buying it.
  • The duplicate objects have somehow different logo than that of the original branded object. So, the best idea for choosing original object is observe the logo of brand carefully. If you find any small difference in the logo, than don’t buy that device.
  • See the printing in the device. Most of the original devices have same printing everywhere I.e. in the packaging and in the device also. But duplicate one have variety of printing fonts used. So be careful.
  • The manufacturing material of duplicate objects are of low quality than the original object. You can find the difference between the quality just by touching the surface of object gently. The surface of original device is smooth but the surface of duplicate may be rough or any other type.
  • See the packaging method of the object. If the object is packed in well sealed box with brand’s tag, than it is original one. The duplicate objects may be available without pack or in low quality box. The original goods are placed properly inside the packed box also. It will help you to spot the duplicate object.
  • Don’t buy any objects anywhere. If you buy the object in authorized distributors of the brand, you can get original one. The goods which are available everywhere may be duplicate. So, try to buy goods from authorized distributors only.
  • The original object may be little expensive than the duplicate os. The duplicate objects are cheaper but they are easily damaged or you even don’t may use more than twice. So, before purchasing, see the price of the object. You may compare the price between same objects in different shops. It will help you to find best goods.
  • Before buying it, take trail of the device. If it functions normal and well, it can be original one. For example, before buying a charger or headphones you can take the trail of the device. If it is functioning well without any disturbance, it may be original.

If you follow the proper instructions to spot the duplicate object, you may save money as well as get branded one also and protect your device from any damage.

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