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The new apple watch OS 7 series 6 has been launched. The new features from this product are mainly focused on the health and fitness of people. Apple always launches new features in their product but this year they have gone even far with the new main feature Blood Oxygen Sensor. Blood Oxygen feature that offers users even more insight into their overall wellness. The Apple Watch Series 6 is able to measure your blood oxygen levels in 15 seconds.

The sensor uses green, red and infrared LEDs, in addition to the four photodiodes on the Apple Watch’s back crystal, to measure the light reflected back from your blood. Using an algorithm built into the Blood Oxygen app, the watch then measures your blood oxygen level between 70% to 100%. The watch will also record background measurements while you sleep. Additionally, Watch OS 7 will be able to measure your full range of VO2 max, detect if you’re washing your hands and monitor your sleep.

Apple Watch Series 6 offers faster charging, completing a full charge in under 1.5 hours, and improved battery life for tracking certain workouts, such as indoor and outdoor runs.

An enhanced Always-On Retina display on Apple Watch Series 6 is up to 2.5 times brighter than Apple Watch Series 5 outdoors when the user’s wrist is down, making it much easier to see a watch face in bright sunlight. When their wrist is down, the user can also now access Notification Center and Control Center, tap on complications and swipe to change faces without having to wake their watch screen.

The new feature ALWAYS-ON ALTIMETER allows for the detection of small elevation changes above ground level, up and down to the measurement of 1 foot, and can be shown as a new watch face complication or workout metric.

WatchOS 7 also offers optimized features for older adults, starting with a simplified onboarding and configuration process, along with a refreshed X-Large face that shows the time and a rich complication at a glance. Older adults can also benefit from a new Health Checklist in the Health app on the iPhone, which offers the ability to track whether health features like fall detection have been enabled in one centralized view.

With watch OS 7, customers can take personalize to the next level with seven new watch face options, including Stripes, Chronograph Pro, GMT, and Artist, while curating, discovering, and sharing new watch face configurations with others. New health and fitness features, including low-range VO2 Max, sleep tracking, automatic handwashing detection, and new workout types, can help users better understand overall well-being.

Another useful feature is Apple Watch Family Setup, which allows you to pair multiple Apple Watch devices to the same iPhone. This appears to be targeted at children with new features such as automatic location notifications and a school time mode that has restricted interactions with the watch during school time. Apple has launched a fitness service called Apple Fitness+, which is targeted at Apple Watch users. Fitness+ allows you to choose workouts from the catalogue of videos that can be played on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV

These are being built on TSMC’s 5nm process node and are reportedly going to arrive with a whopping 40 percent CPU performance bump over last year’s A13 chip. This gives the upcoming Apple flagship series some serious power under the hood.

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