CDSC is launching an app, you can now trade shares with your fingertips!

CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC), the operator of the central depository system of securities, is set to launch its mobile application on Wednesday.

It is said that investors are going to bring the app so that they can do all the work from mobile. All the features on the CDSC and MyShare website will also be available in the app. Users can get share transaction information from the app. In addition, the general public will be able to apply for primary shares from the app and even IDIS can be sent from there.
CDSC will open the app to the public for testing from Wednesday. It is said that regular service will flow from the app a few days after that. It is said that the problem seen in the recent share application will be almost solved. It is believed that the problem will be solved in Nepse’s trading management system. For more than a week now, Nepse has been facing problems in its online trading.
Trading time has been prolonged due to problems seen online. The developed mobile app will be available to the public on both Android and Apple mobiles.

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