Trump was nominated for his efforts in Israel UAE peace deal

JOHN DONALD TRUMP, the current president of the united states is nominated for the Nobel peace prize for his efforts regarding the ISRAEL UAE peace deal. Israel, UAE will be signing a peace deal at the white house on Sep 15 on hold of us president trump and senior us officials. Israel president announced he will be participating in this deal on twitter.

for the peace deal, Tybring Gjedde nominated trump for the Nobel peace prize. He also clearly mentioned that Trump lost the Nobel prize in 2018 when he himself nominated Trump for a meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

Gjedde insisted that he is not a trump supporter rather nominating trump for his clear vision and peace work. He told “I think has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other peace prize nominees ”

Many people are in support that Trump should be the Nobel prize winner in 2021. A few years back, Trump had withdrawn the troops from the middle east and that is also put forward as a strong point for nominating Trump for the Nobel peace prize. the winner will be declared in 2021.

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