Say No To Suicide!

World Suicide prevention Day - 10th September

“I know its tough. Your pain is real and sometimes suffocating. You feel alone and hopeless. You want to give up. But no!”

Suicide is common nowadays. A crisis within a crisis is the main cause in the context of Nepal. Not only this physical torture, fears, emotions, heartbreak, and blackmailing are also the causes of suicide. Despite this, the new cause of COVID-19 and lockdown is directly linked to suicide. 

Many people suffered from mental illness such as anxiety, depression, fear of getting illnesses including different problems. All these reasons have some connections behind the increase in suicide cases if they are not addressed on time. Even people with no history of mental illness become vulnerable nowadays. They were severely impacted.

According to Nepal Police 2017/18 official record, almost 15 people committed suicide every day with a total of 5,317 killing themselves (Nepal police 2018). On a Provincial basis, Province 5 had leading cases of suicide i.e. 242 having the highest number likewise Bagmati Province- 231, Province 1- 186, Province 2-152, Sudur Paschim -115, Gandaki-121, and Karnali 58 till date (Nepal Police). During lockdown from ‘2076 Chaitra, 11 till 2077 Shrawan 4’ 2218 people committed suicide where 811 were women and 235 were youths. 

Yes, they committed suicide, they are out of there life full of problems and many other things but their families, relatives, and whoever other people are connected with him/her suffer more. That’s why we all should know that “Suicide is not an option for problems”.


Brianna wrote:

I just want everyone to know that I have been there and life isn’t easy, but death will only make everything more complicated. Everyone has rough patches in life but you just have to push through and soon enough you will come out of the other side a new person and you will feel amazing.

-Why say no to suicide?

1)Life is full of great experiences and meaningful relationships that you can’t even imagine right now. 

2)Someone does care about you, you just need to seek out.

3)You can help others and perhaps save someone’s life.

4)You can be the hand reaching down to help pick up someone else.

Srijana Paudel

Hello! I am Srijana Paudel from Pokhara, a geology student at PNC, Pokhara who believes that written and analytical skills are not only a fundamental part of academic excellence, but also the building blocks of critical thinking.

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