COVID-19 and Mental Health

Sideeffects of coronavirus on general public

The First COVID case was identified in early December in WUHAN, CHINA and the disease rapidly spread with a boom and it became the huge pandemic within a few months.

The world’s economy is crushed, the unemployment rates are increasing, people are getting desperate and it has created huge chaos.

This situation gives rise to a large no of mental health-related problems as the minds are unoccupied and people are finding ways out to occupy their minds. The financial crisis is extensively increasing and this is an aid for more mental problems. The active population who lost their employment opportunities recently are badly affected because they are not able to run the household chores and the young are stressed because they have nothing to do. as per the latest research, the unemployment rate is even higher than the post-war era.

The schools are closed and the studies are stopped. However, the virtual class is somehow providing ways for continuing the classes. The developing countries along with the developed countries and the whole world is running for ways out to cope with the situation.

About half of the population are developing anxiety, depression, anger frustrations stress insomnia and mental confusion like emotional outcomes and the rate is exponentially increasing. the suicide rates are increasing as people are unable to handle the disturbances and cope with the situation.

Due to COVID and all the other disturbances the rate of suicide is increasing day by day. As per the latest survey, 1647 suicide cases were registered in Nepal till June 27 with an average of 18 people self-murdering themselves every day.

This situation has compelled health experts and genius to find ways out to maintain mental stability during this dark phase of exploding COVID cases.

IN this harsh situation the public must not lose hope and standstill with the emerging enthusiasm and discover possibilities for the post COVID era.

Sandhya Paudel

Hello! I am Sandhya Paudel, an MBBS student at Nepal Medical College, an enthusiast with a vision to inspire, encourage, and empower others. Find me below.

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