COVAX, COVID vaccine, not going to be enough in the first phase

WHO likely to provide only 380,000 doses of 2.25 million it was expected to deliver to Nepal in the first phase of scheme.

Now that the first phase of COVID vaccines have been provided to Nepalese people, Nepal is gearing up for the second dosage.  But, World Health Organization has informed Nepali officials that it will only provide 13 percent of the vaccine doses it had earlier forecasted to provide Nepal through its COVAX facility in the first phase of the program.

The Health Ministry is preparing to launch the second phase of the vaccination drive from March 7. As the doses the government expected to receive from the WHO were one of the main sources of vaccine for the campaign, the government now needs to procure additional doses to run the fresh campaign smoothly, officials say.

When you get a COVID vaccine, The vaccine takes all of 20 seconds to administer. Once you get the shot, a sore arm is pretty common and the soreness comes from the needle, not the actual vaccine. The soreness should go away in about a day or so. As for side effects of the vaccine, he states that some people have experienced headaches, fatigue, muscle aches or low-grade fevers. While they may seem annoying, SAJHA entertainment wishes all the COVID affected people speedy recovery and advices in favor of the vaccine.

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