7 things that MEN notice in WOMEN at first sight – YOU SHOULD KNOW ?

Top most things that men notice on women

Enchanting eyes
Eyes are the primary thing that men loon into women. Contact to a person becomes through eyes, and hence eyes are the first and foremost noticeable feature that a man looks for. It is also said that eyes speak the whole story about a person, and by looking into eyes a man can make out about the personality and nature of woman.

Smile is another feature that catches a men’s attention. After all, who doesn’t want to be around beautiful smile? Smile enchants a man and attracts him towards a woman, and it second most observable feature in woman. Trust me, a smile can make a man fall in love with you.

All woman who take care of their hair and are conscious about the wellbeing of their hair are witty ones, as they know the secret that healthy and beautiful hair is way to attract a man. Surveys has proven that men want to be around and with woman who have beautiful, shiny, and nice and smelling hair.

It doesn’t come off as a surprise that men get fascinated by the legs of women, Studies have shown that women who have longer legs than usual are more likely to attract men. Moreover, filled legs (neither too skinny nor too fat) attracts men at one go towards a man and become one of the important feature that men notices.

Many women and men thinks that breast is the primary feature of a woman that man notice,but it is erroneous as men do notice breast but only after, eyes and smile. Breast are symbol of fertility and according to survey, men will look at a female breast even if he tries to control as it is normal tendency, and it controlled through senses.
After all, the above feature comes the dressing senses, and you can make it out how far dressing sense stands on the list. So, after working on all above you should focus on your dressing sense, and your dressing should be classy enough to fascinate a man and make him fall for you. Go for what is in trend.

Skin is another common thing that a man notices in a woman. Hence you should work upon your skin. Your skin should be well hydrated and supple in winters and should not be flaky and dry. Moreover, men look for healthy and good complexion in a woman. Mind its good complexion not fair complexion.

So, these are the few features, I could come with, if you know any of the features that make a man fall for women please comment.


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