1O Dieting Mistakes – Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Reasons :- Why you're not losing weight!

So you are doing your exercises ,you are paying attention to your food intake but the weight just won’t buzz you are wondering what i am doing wrong. Well now i am sharing realistic and practical things “WHY” YOU’RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT-

  1. Your expectations are unrealistic  – it didn’t took you 1 month to put on 10 kilos ,it probably took you over seven months or years to slowly creep on and hence, it will take some time to lose as well . Your sustainable weight loss is 500 gram – 1 kilos per week so don’t set unrealistic expectations because then “you are only s 
  2. You’re binging on healthy food-  I am sure you are feeling this,you are eating guilt free. Remember a slice of cake and healthier pastry has same amount of calories. So CALORIE COUNTS,
  3. You’re ARE losing without realizing it! – it fluctuates everyday and it is due to water intake in your body . We can be gaining muscle and lose fat at the same time,it just shows when you do exercise. That’s why you are feeling lighter in the morning in the evening.
  4. You’re stuck in the same routine.- change your routine often!!
  5. You’re not drinking enough water- Always stay dehydrated and drink 2.5 litres to 3 litres a day 
  6. You’re drinking your calories- Don’t think that fancy drink doesn’t have calories, fancy cold coffee, and your oreo shake has more calories than your rice has.
  7. You’re not lifting weights- lifting weights helps you building muscle so lift weight 5 times week with different variations ARE u a cardio bunny ? don’ be such , lift weight.
  8. You’re overwhelmed.
  9. You’re not getting enough sleep- 8 hours of minimum sleep is indeed.
  10. You’re obsessed with ‘dieting’- don’t obsessed with your dieting ,”ditch the word dieting “

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