What happened to the people who burned the flag of Nepal?

First of all, according to Clause 151 of civil criminal code act of 2074 BS, it is illegal to burn our national flag and you can get arrested and jailed by doing this.

Now, Why did they do it??.. I don’t know, maybe these people are so blinded by hate that they actually hate Nepal as the flag is a important symbol (I then wonder why are they even living here then) or maybe these people didn’t know it was illegal and did it just for fun or for YouTube views. Anyway, 9 people have already been arrested for this act and I believe there should be strong punishment against them so that others can be deterred from ever burning our flag again. There are some who think even flag burning should be allowed under free speech but I disagree, every rights has limits including free speech.

Jaya Nepal!

Shishir Lamsal

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