How to reduce the stress ? 3 – Ways to reduce the stress

Many of the people are suffering from stress & depression problems. Today we have brought the some ways to reduce the stress which may help you to reduce your stress.

1. Do one thing at a time.

Do it mindfully. Do it well. Enjoy the satisfaction. Then go on to the next thing. Multitasking might work for computers, but humans have yet to get the hang of it. A growing body of evidence affirms that trying to accomplish several things at once takes up more time overall than doing them sequentially. It consumes an excessive amount of mental energy, too, so you fatigue more quickly. The lack of focus also leads to careless mistakes, shoddy work and unreliable performance. Worst of all, having to do things over. This is no way to live. Give what you’re doing your undivided attention. Take the time to get it right. You’ll be more productive, and less stressed, in the long run. Why make your-self crazy?

2. Throw something out everyday

You’ve got too much stuff in your house.  Office.  Garage.  Attic. Useless clutter that’s weighing you down, getting in the way, obscuring the things you really need. Just looking at the stuff is stressful, to the point where physical clutter soon becomes mental clutter. The problem is getting rid of it. It’s a huge job, so you keep putting it off. But the more you put it off the more clutter you accumulate… making it an even more humongous task to face. Here’s how to break the cycle. Everyday find one thing you don’t need and loss it. Or give it away. Or sell it at a consignment shop. Be realistic. If you are not going to use it, lose it. Over time, the clutter will begin to vanish and space and order will magically appear in your home.. and your life. Stick with this. It really works. Why make yourself crazy?

3. Steer clear of negative people.

You know them well: the winners, the ones who find fault with everything, who always lay a hard luck story on you, who constantly give you grief over harmless trifles or make wholesale denunciations of peoples, institutions and cultures that don’t  suit their fancy or conform to their way of thinking. Unless your’ e stuck with them, shun them. They’ll pull you down, darken your outlook, try to make your life as miserable as theirs. Who needs that? And if you are stuck with them don’t agree with or encourage them. In fact, say nothing and simply leave the scene whenever they lunch into one of their diatribes. Why make yourself crazy?

Note:-  I hope that by reading the above mentions tips you can reduce your stress & live healthy & healthier life. Above mentions some  ways are taken from G. Gaynor McTIGUE’s stress busters.

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