The government has decided to reopen the halted domestic air service due to the Coronavirus epidemic from Ashoj 5th.

COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee recommended the Government to resume the domestic air service

Government of Nepal decided to reopen the previously halted domestic air service to contain the coronavirus pandemic after COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee (CCMC) recommended the government. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) had already prepared a safety procedure for the prevention and control of coronavirus infection on Bhadra 7th.

Airline operators had been demanding regular operation of domestic flights from Ashoj 1st.

CAAN spokesperson Raj Kumar Chhetri informed that procedures have been formulated to manage the employees, service recipients, vehicles, letters and files, Canteen and others. “We have been in practice for over a month to operate domestic flights as a whole,” he said.

The procedure states:

Clients and employees must enter the airport and office only after wearing a safety mask.
Clients and passengers should be allowed to enter only by checking the temperature at the entrance and applying sanitizer on their hands.
Arrange food and water for yourself.
Maintain the social distance of at least two meters
Precautions must be taken while coughing and sneezing so as not to affect others
Do not admit people with colds, sore throats, body aches, or fevers.
Fill in the form at the counter with all the details for tracking the passengers
Go to the airport with all your belongings, including a pen and paper
Arrive at the airport one and a half hours before the flight

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