Perseverance rover begins its exploration of Mars

It’s two weeks now since the one-ton robot, also known as Perseverance, made its dramatic descent to the Red Planet.

Engineers have spent the time commissioning the vehicle and its many complex systems, including its instruments and robotic arm. The footage that Perseverance sends is used to know about the layout of the Mars. This project by NASA has the whole world in its grip.

Perseverance was put down in a near-equatorial crater called Jezero, to search for evidence of past life.

This will involve roving some 15km over the coming Martian year (roughly two Earth years).

Scientists want to reach a number of enticing rock formations in the crater that might retain a record of ancient biological activity. The vehicle will spend the next few weeks driving from its present location to a suitable stretch of terrain where the 2kg device called Ingenuity can be put safely on the ground. At present, the aircraft is slung beneath Perseverance’s belly.


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