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Here's the Top Ten most Viewed Videos on YouTube


The American video-sharing platform YouTube has become the go-to site for all internet users seeking information of they need. From product reviews to music lunch and movie teasers, to pranks and stand up gigs, YouTube has become the ultimate source for audio-visual content.

The site was lunched by former PayPal employees in early 2005 and was bought by Google in 2006. fast forward to 2020, YouTube is the world’s most visited site. Aided by the new Generation Z and the rise of broadband service, YouTube enjoys 2 billions users worldwide. Over 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube while more than 500 hours of video content is uploaded per minute. These statistics testify that YouTube is the global Pandemic but have you ever wondered which videos have raked in highest number of views till date? here is the list below.

10. Sorry | Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber rose to prominence with Baby in 2010 and only kept his graphics soar until his recent personal hiatus from music. The teenage heartthrob has currently stepped away from music and living a married life. Sorry, a part of his hit album Purpose was released back in 2015. The song reflects Bieber’s regret over his failed relationships and unflattering behaviors which had dominated media.
It is also speculated that the song was dedicated Selena Gomez whom he broke up with after their contentious relationship. Sorry features at 10th with over 3.3 billion views.

9. Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs on a Farm | Miroshka TV
This contagiously popular nursery rhyme makes it to the list with over 3.6 billion views. The song lasts a lengthy 5 minutes and 10 seconds. It was featured on a Russian TV playing the English lyrics “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” in which children are taught different colours with the help of ever smiling 3-d eggs.


8. Gangnam Style | Psy
In 2012, South Korean singer Psy’s Gangnam Style caught attention of the whole world. From political stages to football fields to Basketball court, everyone would be seen emulating Psy’s hilarious “Horse Dance” from the song. It was the first music video to reach one billion views then two billion before breaking YouTube’s counter. After meeting with the singer, the then UN Secretary General amusedly complained that Psy had become the more popular South Korean than himself who was heading of the world’s largest political institution. The song’s infectious popularity may have taken a toll that Psy has not enjoyed much success since but the song alone will make him immortal on YouTube to say the least.


7. Johnny Yes Papa | LooLoo Kids
Here at 7th is another children song. This nursery rhyme by LooLoo kids is one of the most popular songs for children worldwide. First arrived on YouTube in 2009. Curiously though the song’s origin as well as its authentic uploads are much debated. However, the video that was uploaded on October 8 2016 has made it to the charts eclipsing its predecessor by over than a million votes.

6. Uptown Funk |Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno MarsMark Ronson
Mark Ronson’s Uptown funk grooves at 6th with 3.9 billion views. The throwback song is set in 1980s and combines it with contemporary pop genre. It is a feel-good dancing number with lots of swag and confidence. The lyrics are lighthearted and fun. The ‘showy’ men in the song talk about how they are heading “uptown funk gon’ ” to “give it to ya” amplifying their adventures for the day. The song’s energy and rhythm is can send anyone to dancing floor.


5. Masha And The Bear | Recipe For Disaster (Episode 17)
Masha And The Bear is a Russian animated television series for children. The story revolves around a retired circus bears who is seeking a solitary life in a forest and Masha, a girl who complicates his peaceful living. The show debuted in 2009 has since aired seven seasons, 88 episodes. But the episode 17 titled Recipe For Disaster has a dazzling record of 4.33 billion views on YouTube.

4. See You Again | Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
At 4th stays American rapper Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again which was a commissioned soundtrack for Furious 7,. It was a special tribute by the franchise to relive the memory of the highly celebrated actor Paul Walker. The song’s mournful tone and its piercing lyrics resonate with everyone who has seen him in the movies. The song will remain the best homage to the ill-fated actor who died in a serious car accident back in November 2013.


3. Shape of You | Ed Sheeran
The English sensation Ed Sheeran has seen a meteoric rise over the last years and his stars continue to shine. His chartbuster Shape of You was the best selling song of 2017. The song is already streamed for the record 5 million times on Spotify. Additionally the song also stood in the prestigious magazine Billboard’s top 10 chart for consecutive 33 weeks. As of now the video has over 4.9 billion views.

2. Baby Shark Dance | PinkFong
This one is groundbreaking. With 6.4 billion views this children song by PinkFong has recorded second highest views on YouTube. The song lasts a mere 2 minutes and 16 seconds. The lyrics are not deep. They are just repetitions and provides pure fun for children. The song took its birth on the platform on June 18 2016.
Seemingly lethal water beasts are re imagined as lovely creatures. Fans of Jaw have had a different experience.


1. Despacito Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yanki
The crown for the most viewed video on YouTube goes to Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi’s Desapcito’. As of now, the Latin hit comfortably sits atop with a staggering 6.9 billion views. Besides the singers, the video features former Miss Universe Zulekya Rivera. The video was shot in the coastal region of La Perla. The song is Spanish but Justin Bieber remixed it in English which furthered its popularity to new high.


So that was the list of 10 most watched videos on YouTube. As you saw, YouTube has become fruitful specially for musicians as it enables musicians to reach out to their global audience very easily. But have you ever wondered about the first video uploaded to YouTube? Check it below.

The first video on YouTube was uploaded by the co-founder Jawed Karim. The video is titled  Me at the Zoo and lasts only 19 seconds. It has over 110 million views so far. Could they have imagined that the site they had lunched would become the holy grail of video makers?
Check the inaugural video below.


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