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Put your hands together and say Namaste and smile with genuine smiles of approval as they return your gesture. ‘You are welcome, our guests are you,’ the warm smiles claim. Some of the friendliest people in the world are Nepal people (Nepali People), which is one of the reasons why tourists keep coming back.

Nepal is a highly diverse nation and is home to numerous faiths, races, clans, and cultures. The nation has over 100 ethnic groups, and many (more than 90) languages and ethnicity are practically a melting pot.

Learning how people have adapted to their environment in incredible ways is interesting. Some people’s lives have changed very little in the last century due to the inaccessibility of the mountains. In the Himalayas, you can still find caravans of mules carrying vital goods to and from distant settlements. Oxes plough the earth, black smiths make instruments, and bullock carts also carry grain and straw from the plain fields. Firewood is still a big energy source for cooking in villages that are like an open air museum of history.

With all of the trappings of modernity, city life may appear modern, but customs and cultures remain the same as they were centuries ago. With some locals representing forgotten kings who once ruled over their ancestors, many of the festivals are celebrated exactly as they were centuries ago. In their original form, ancient rituals are adhered to as individuals are deeply religious and visit the temples daily.

It is most likely that a Nepali family, once introduced to you, will invite you for a meal. Even the poorest people share a meal with their guests. This is perhaps the key reason why a tourist in Nepal can not stay a tourist for a very long time. He is no longer an outsider until a visitor begins to know the place and its inhabitants-he is a trusted guest.

During a trek or just strolling down the streets of the cities or during one of several day tours provided by local tourism operators, the best ways of meeting the people of Nepal are.

Nepal People
nepal people

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