Kanchan Timilsina’s death: a portrayal of society

Kanchan Timilsina, a boy from a village in Kalika municipality, has committed suicide by poison on Sunday.

The cause of death is seen to be separation from his “wife”. Kanchan was married to Anisha Kumal. After a run-away marriage, this couple was separated just two days later. The girl side of the family had allegedly filed a case against the boy on the grounds of child marriage.

After being convicted, the boy was sent to jail. After he served his time, Kanchan was admitted to hospital due to ingestion of poison. He died after 65 days of agony. Now, the family of the deceased is pressuring the family in the girl’s side to perform last rites of the deceased. The situation has escalated to a point of having police surround the girl’s family for protection. Force was also used. Two rounds of air-fire was seen to have done by the police.


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