International Day of Older Persons-2020 : Impact of Covid-19

Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled throughout years and tears.

The United Nations General Assembly declared 1st October as the International Day of Older Persons. This day is known to increase awareness of the factors and issues that affect older adults, such as age deterioration & the study of problems which has affected their lives, elder abuse. It is also a day to recognize and acknowledge the contributions of older people to society.

According to data provided by the UN, there were 703 million persons aged above 65 globally in 2019. Over the next 30 years, the number of older persons worldwide is projected to be double, reaching more than 1.5 billion persons.

This covid-19 pandemic has worst-hit to the senior citizens globally. In these unrivaled times, loneliness and mental health issues of older people need special care, love, and attention. Beyond its immediate health impact, the pandemic is putting older people at greater risk of discrimination, isolation, and poverty.

The main theme for this International Day of Older People-2020 is to raise awareness of the special health needs of older persons and of their contributions to their own health & to increase understanding of the impact of Covid-19 on older people and its impact on health care, policy, planning, and attitudes.

” The great secret that all old people share is that you really haven’t changed in 10 or 80 years. Your body changes, but you don’t change at all.”- Doris Lessing.

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