What is the weirdest website on the internet?

I have collected some of the weirdest websites I have found from the people and also some google searches.

To save the time, below are my top 3 selected weird websites that will make you say “what is this?

1.Pointer Pointer

Okay, let’s start with one of the most popular weird websites on the list. I will say Pointer Pointer is one of the coolest websites on the internet.

This website shows you the pictures of people pointing their fingers where you move your cursor. I have no idea how they got all the pictures but its extremely cool.


2. Hacker Typer

I will say it’s one of the coolest websites on the list of the websites that make to the top of weird websites rank.

You can type anything on your keyboard and it will seem like you are hacking in movies! Don’t worry its safe.


3. Paper Toilet

If you ever went sort for Toilet Papers be sure to visit this website. This website displays a roll of Toilet Paper that you can just pull endlessly.


Shishir Lamsal

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