How to Earn Money Online in Nepal ? Three Best ways

Throughout the planet, anyone can earn a decent amount of money online. I also included three of the best ways for you to get a job online and earn more money every day. There are some amazing ways that millions of people use, so, you can do it too. We are going to learn best of the best three ways to earn money online without wasting much time. These tasks may be simpler or may be challenging, which may vary from your skills, desires, experience, and hard work. The followings are the ways that will help you surely to earn money online in Nepal without any expenditure.

1. Youtube

Youtube in Nepal is a great way to produce passive income online. To grow your channel, you should regularly upload quality videos that offer value to your viewers. Your channel will be monetized after you receive 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watching time in one year.

Don’t forget to follow certain rules of YouTube, or your channel will not be monetized.

You will be passively gaining income from the advertising after you monetize your channel. If you post a video now, if it earns views and shows an ad on it, you will passively gain money from that video forever.                     In most cases, compared to the new ones, YouTubers still raise more money from their old posts, which is why YouTube found Nepal as a passive way to earn money online.

There are other ways to raise money from videos from YouTube, such as endorsing other brands and businesses, but they are not passive.

2. Blogging

Another way of generating passive income online in Nepal is blogging. While it is said to be a bit difficult at the beginning, after some hard work, you will definitely get great results.

You should first find a subject of interest in order to start blogging. You can then register and host a domain and create a WordPress blog or some other content management system. You can also create your own blog free of charge from and start writing your content.

Your content should be unique and provide your readers with value. To make it readable, you can split your blog into several smaller paragraphs. Make sure that you add some exclusive photos that can help you rank a lot on Google.

If you want blog traffic, then you should make your S.E.O content friendly. You should function on both the S.E.O. on-page and the S.E.O. off-page.

You should connect your blog to Google AdSense or its alternatives to begin making money.Blogging is a passive online means of earning money because it will immediately start making money for you from its ads once you post a blog.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to gain passive revenue by endorsing a product(s) and thereby collecting commissions in Nepal. Via mobile devices, you can start affiliate marketing too. To advertise goods and a company that offers affiliate services, you just need a forum.

You will get a commission from the company when someone purchases a product through your connection. People in Nepal receive an infinite amount of money from the promotion of affiliates.

If you have a decent amount of traffic or fan following, you can promote the products through your blog, YouTube channel, or social media site.

Some firms offer affiliate programs in Nepal, such as, & You can also earn from international companies such as, but to withdraw the cash, you should have bank details of a foreign country such as the USA, UK.

So you can take the support of your relatives and other close people living in the United States or the United Kingdom to earn money from foreign companies such as, compared to Nepali companies, they pay more fee.

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