How to earn from affiliate marketing? – quick and easy

Affiliate marketing is a method by which you make money by promoting someone’s stuff.  People have said this as the most powerful method to earn money . There are many modes which you can apply to promote someone’s stuff. There are some popular affiliate programs by which you can promote products from various categories. If you are thinking how to earn from affiliate marketing then you must remember some logical equations.

You can directly promote their stuff by signing with them or you can visit the affiliate directories and search the product of your niche(category) and promote it. You can simply say someone to buy that stuff by clicking the link which you are provided when you become an affiliate. Here are stepwise:

  • Sign up with some affiliate programs as a publisher. (amazon, alibaba, daraz, flipkart……..etc.)
  • Choose a product you want to promote.
  • Get the affiliate link.
  • Visit forums related to the product and post the link with some message reply relevant to the post. Don’t spam.
  • Repeat the task choosing other product.
  • If you have a blog then you can put the affiliate link into your post and even a small banner to promote it.


You may not get happy if your blog is not popular as people trust popular blogs only. So, try to get your blog popular,unique. Also rank higher in Google. But it takes time so you can try posting unique article related to the product positively to Squidoo or Other Platform based on Affiliate marketing.  It may take time to get the result but once it gets started money will flood to you. So, be patient and keep working.



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