Facebook has made public the feature of watching videos together – Here’s how you can do it!

Facebook has unveiled a feature on Messenger that allows you to watch videos with friends and family together. Named Watch Together, this feature allows you to watch the original program, user-uploaded, creator content, live stream and Facebook watch video content.

Similarly, the music video will also be included in it soon. In this ‘coaching’ of Facebook, it is said that up to 8 people can experience video together in mobile messenger and up to 50 people in messenger room.
COVID 19 has pushed many streaming service platforms, such as Hulu, Plex and Amazon, for simultaneous video viewing features. Facebook didn’t bring this feature because of COVID.
This is because it announced at the same time two years ago at its F8 Developer Conference that it would bring a video viewing feature. Since then, this product has been in development With the advent of coving feature in Messenger, it is believed that it can create technical challenges. Because it will drag the Facebook Watch CDN (Content Distribution Network) to Messenger.
Making the same video visible to multiple users will tighten synchronization. In such a situation, it may be difficult for one person to watch the same part of the video at the same time in a rural area with slow internet and another user in an urban area. To use this feature, users must first log in to the Messenger video call and Messenger room. But you can’t connect to it from Facebook Watch or any other place. After joining the video call, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, go to the open drawer and select a new option to start the session. Initially, this feature will only be available on Android and iOS devices, according to Facebook.
After entering coaching, users will be able to browse or search for something to see together from the visible interface. Facebook Watch Content can be found in categories such as TV & Movie, Watched (within recently watched content), Uploaded (your own video), Suggested. Although users can’t create playlists and queues, all participants can help with video selection. This means that no one can control or direct the experience of another. Everyone will have the facility to go to video stop, pause, go forward or backward.

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