Devil’s Sea: Mystery Beyond The Bermuda Triangle

Why the 'Devil's Sea' off the south coast of Japan so mysteriously deadly? Why have so many submarines, ships and planes vanish there? Could this stretch of water be the symbol of Second Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific?

There are many such places worldwide which are full of secrets. A number of places of secrets to scientists today have no well-resolved while many places to solve partially the mysterious although scientists are continuing research yet to reach a final conclusion.

One of the mysterious and unsolved places is the Bermuda Triangle, an area of the Atlantic Ocean where many aircraft and ships have disappeared without any trace, but few know that the Pacific may be cursed with its own equally mephitic phenomenon.

The “Devil Sea” and the Dragon’s Triangle situated in the Philippine Sea off China’s eastern coast is known for disappearing ships and sailors like the amazing Bermuda Triangle. While thrilling hypotheses for the strange vanishings discuss extraterrestrials and lost realms under the ocean unleashing destruction, others accept that the locale shows similar attractive abnormalities as the Bermuda Triangle.

The region, which can be separated on a guide by interfacing Japan, Taiwan, and Yap Island, has gotten known as the Dragon’s Triangle following an exceptionally old Chinese myth. As indicated by the myth, monsters live beneath the surface and their movement can unexpectedly agitate up waves, whirlpools, thick mist, and abrupt tempests.

In 1950, Japanese officials announced the dragon triangle as a danger zone for shipping. In 1952, a research team, sent by the Japanese government to investigate the problematic waters, vanished without a trace and 22 crewmen and 9 scientists were lost. For centuries Japanese fisherman has been lost to the waters of ‘Ma-no-Umi’ – means The Devil’s Sea.

Like the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea shows the deadliest paradox of the World’s biggest ocean and tackles the secret of the death zone by reliving and investigating some of its fascinating and puzzling diasters. Hence, It can be called as Second Bermuda Triangle.

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