Best ways to increase your followers in social media, get free tips to increase your followers in instagram and Twitter

You can get in touch with your friends and soulmates as well as celebrities through Instagram.

Instagram is the popular social media with more than 1 billion users today. You can get in touch with your friends and soulmates as well as celebrities through Instagram. If you are a professional person, you can even promote your business or brand through Instagram.

Everyone wants to have too many friends and followers. The best way to be popular among others is try to be social and helpful to others. Instagram also helps you to be social. In order to increase your Instagram followers, you have to be active with others. Here are some helpful tips to increase your Instagram followers. You can use same tips to increase your followers in Twitter, tiktok and many others too. They are:

1. Create a complete Instagram profile. You have to complete your profile so that people may easily recognize you. If you provide correct information on your bio, people may be interested in you.

2. Connect your instagram account with all your other social media accounts. From Instagram, you can connect with your Facebook, Twitter, tiktok and other accounts too. The new people with whom you are connected in other sites may connect with you in Instagram too. So, it is the best way to increase your followers.

3. Be regular to your instagram so that the existing followers may not unfollow you. If you are inactive in your account, people may avoid you and unfollow you. So, you have to upload posts as well as stories frequently so that people will take interest in you.

4. Select proper post to upload in your Instagram wall. Avoid unnecessary posts. Select proper post that followers may be interested. But if you upload unnecessary and boring posts, people may irritate with you and unfollow you.

5. Add location and don’t forget to tag your friends and the related users on your post. When you travel new places, use location in your posts and stories. Your post can be viewed while searching that location too. Don’t forget to tag your friends and other related things in your posts and request them to tag you in their posts too.

6. Use hashtags in your posts so that large no. of audience may see your posts. Instagram allows maximum of 30 hashtags in your posts. Hastags has large connection with people overall the world. It will increase the traffic of your posts.

7. Avoid fake users or fake accounts. Fake account do not have anything importance. They just follow you to increase their profile’s insights.

8. Be active to your following too. As much you react or comment on your following person, his followers may notice you and may start following you.

9. Start conversation with new people so that you can make strong bond with your followers. Try to give reply to your comments as well as messages.

10. Comments on Popular Profiles & Trend post with meaningful and interesting comments before they got old. Popular profiles have large fan following and their followers may notice you if your comments are really interesting. Such people may follow you to establish new friendships.

If you follow such tips, you can increase your followers in Instagram, Twitter and many other sites.


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