Cricket Fans shocked as “Rohit Sharma” dropped out against Australian 2020 series

Sharma's fans shouted at Indian Cricket Officials

This article explains the current scenario of Cricket World. Be it in India, Australia, England, or anywhere the perception of cricket fans about the team’s selection and their performances are pretty much the same everywhere.

Cricket is a popular sport. And, billions of cricket fans around the world enjoy watching and playing cricket. However, you must have heard disapproval from those cricket fans about the team selection. They often argue that some players must be selected considering their statistics and records. In this regard, cricket fans always want their favorite players in the playing team. This is the present situation about how fans discuss these issues.

Similarly, the fans often follow the player’s daily life rather than the player’s statistics and recent form. That is why they want them to see them playing in every single game. For instance, Rohit Sharma (the captain of the Mumbai Indian Team and the vice-captain of the Indian Cricket Team) did not play for a series match against Australia. Therefore, his fans screamed against the Indian team selection as India lost the ODI series with a game still in hand. Also, the fans believed that India would have performed better if Rohit had played.

All in all, Rohit Sharma indeed has good records against Team Australia. He has scored double hundreds against them and has been in good form recently. Thus, it sounds unfair for fans to drop him at this stage of the cricket game. In my view, Rohit Sharma is a pillar of Team India with his gifted batting skills. So, he should join the team as soon as possible. And, this is what everyone wants.


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