Black hole, what actually it is and the mysterious facts about black hole

  • A black hole is a place in space whose gravitational force is so high that even a ray of light cannot escape through it. Black holes are invisible bodies as light doesn’t pass through it. The size of a black hole can range from the size of a single atom to the size of a huge galaxy. The mass of a black hole can be a mass of tiny particles or a mass of millions of stars.

Black holes are estimated to be formed from the time of the formation of the universe. A small black hole that was formed during the evolution of the universe may increase its size by the collapse of other particles in it. New black holes are estimated to form due to the explosion or collision of stars or galaxies with themselves or other particles. It may take millions to billions of years to form a black hole.
Although we cannot see the black holes, the existence of black holes is studied by the help of space telescope with special tools. Scientists estimate the position of black holes by the sudden disappearance of stars or other particles in space. Nothing can escape from the gravitational force of black holes.
The research done by scientists all over the world till now has shown that no black holes have existed near to solar system. So, the chance of collapsing or destruction of the solar system or earth in black holes is very low. But if any new black holes are found in the future, the chance of collapsing of the solar system depends on the size and gravitational force of those black holes.

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