Bhagrathi Bhatta’s rape and murder case now has a suspect

The police has now made an arrest to a suspect that is connected to the case.

Police has made an arrest to the suspect of Bhagrathi Bhatta’s rape and murder case.

“Even though the evidence shows he is the culprit, since he has not owed up, we cannot reveal who he is yet.”, said the police. There are many injuries seen in the body of the man but he claims it is due to cutting trees.

Police have claimed that the rape and murder of 17-year-old Bhagrathi Bhatta of Chadepani in Dogadakedar Rural Municipality-7, Baitadi was committed by someone familiar with her. Police have claimed that the investigation has come very close to finding the culprit. Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Uttam Subedi, who is in charge of the investigation, said that Bhagrathi was raped and killed by someone she knew, a local she was in contact with.

The report of the forensic science laboratory is yet to come out. Blood, vaginal swabs samples, mobile phones and other items collected from the incident site have been collected and sent to the Central Police Forensic Science Laboratory for investigation. Singh also claimed that someone familiar was involved in the rape and murder of the teen. He said that the real storyline will come in light after the culprit is found. Police have already questioned several suspects.

Police are also questioning people seen around the site on the day the incident took place. It has been ten days since Bhagrathi’s body was found in a jungle on Saturday.



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