A Japanese man on rent “who does nothing” has now thousands of clients

A Japanese man named Shoji Morimoto is living his life just offering himself on rent for doing nothing. He has earned thousands of followers online and has high number of clients.

A 37 years old Morimoto charges 10,000 yen which is almost $96 for renting him out . He does nothing except eating and drinking.

He first offered his services in 2018 by tweeting that says” I offers myself for rent, as a person who does nothing .If you don’t wanna go shop alone or if you are missing a player on your team. I cannot do except easy things.”

Although he was offering his services free earlier, he now charges some money as he was getting many requests from clients. He says he gets around 3 or 4 clients everyday now.

People rent him  for various reasons. But he says mostly people he gets are bored or lonely or people who wanna share their thoughts and simply wanna be listened to.

He has been hired for eating lunch, for taking photographs, catching butterflies in the park and many various simple things. He was hired once by a man to describe a murder he had committed. And another man hired him to revisit the spot where he once tried to commit suicide.

Morimoto is married and holds a degree in Physics from Osaka University. He says if somebody  wanna do something the best thing people can do is to make it easier just by standing by their side.

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