A 20 year old youtuber shot and killed after robbery prank gone wrong

YouTuber was filming prank video for YouTube

A 20 year old has been shot and killed  after taking part in robbery prank video which was being filmed for YouTube in US.

Witnesses told police that you tuber, Timothy Wilks and a friend approached a group as a part of a prank outside a family  trampoline park in Nashville. Wilks was holding a large knives.

Then right after he was shot and and killed by a 23 years old boy ,who claimed that he had no idea about the prank they were filming. The shooter told police that he shot the you tuber  as his self-defense. Only after the shoot he was told about the prank.

Nobody has been arrested over the death. Nobody was aware of the shot inside the park.

These type of pranks are really common in YouTube. Some get millions of views. Mostly youths are involved in these type of pranks for entertainment. But YouTube brought rules banning dangerous and threatening  pranks two years ago.

The rules include the pranks or any activities which may lead victims to fear serious physical danger or create any emotional distress to people.


A 20 year old youtuber shot and killed after robbery prank gone wrong


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