117 years old woman survives Covid in Europe and celebrating her birthday soon

Europe’s oldest person Lucile Randon has survived Covid-19 .She is a French nun and she is celebrating her 117th birthday soon.

Randon tested positive for coronavirus on January 16 with no symptoms felt. She told local media that she didn’t realize she had it.

After finding positive for Covid-19, she isolated her separately from  other people in her home in Southern France. But she is now fully recovered.

Lucile Randon, who took the name of Sister Andre is blind and uses wheelchair , is now celebrating her birthday  on Thursday. Although she is going to celebrate with fewer people than usual.

The spokesman of her retirement home said that she has been very lucky and showed no fear of disease. On the other hand, she was always concerned about other residents.

Sister Andre was born on 11 February 1904. As being the oldest person in Europe, she is also the second oldest living  person in the World according to the research.

When she was asked if she was scared of disease ,Sister Andre replied that she was not scared because she doesn’t scare to die. Also she added “I am happy to be here but I would  wish to be somewhere with my big brother ,my grandfather and my grandmother”.

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