10 things you NEED to do in QUARANTINE

What to do when you're bored

I struggle with being bored a lot in Quarantine i am sure you’re too. I have never being as bored as i am right now like its crazy . So I came up with 10 things you can do in quarantine when you’re alone and bored.

  1. Read a book and learn a new word / Study

2. Do an online courses/ learn new languages /learn to do new hairstyles/learn makeup

3. Start a Youtube channel (even if you never make the videos public)

4. Try new recipes / try baking a cake or bread loaf

5. Organise something you’ve been needing to organise for ages/ Do some cleaning

6. Do a workout/ Stretch for your splits/ Learn a new gymnastics move

7.  Learn a new instrument (Guitar, piano etc.)

8. Make a new morning/evening routine to yourself

9.  Learn how to do gardening

10. Challenge yourself daily with new things


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