Since Barcelona’s talisman requested for a departure, speculations have grown over where he would end up in the next coming months. His decision to force a move away has triggered an exorbitant release clause set at 700 bn Euro. While major European clubs are expected to get Messi’s signature Argentine president Alberto Fernandez has extended his desire for Messi to return home.

At 34, Messi shows no sign of regress. He is ambitious to lead from the from wants to win more champions leagues and has World Cup on the horizon. He is still lethal with his feet and given his versatility, he can become an asset at any major club. European clubs Manchester City, PSG and Inter are currently the favourites to get Messi onboard, but Argentina’s president has entered the fray.

As we saw a few days ago, fans in Rosario paraded in the streets for Messi to come back. Now similar sentiment is echoed by the president himself who wants the former Newell’s prodigy to come back to don their colours again.








The president Alberto Fernandez expressed
“You are in our hearts and we have never seen you play in our country. Give us the pleasure of ending your career with Newell’s Old Boys.”

Messi has repeatedly told that one day he would play for his first club before hanging up his boots. But given the pattern of transfer for ageing superstar, it is difficult to see a major European superstar leave football’s most valuable and commercial landscape.

Messi is heavily linked with Manchester City. The Blues’ boss Pep Guardiola helped unleash a young Messi and led Barca to a roaring success for four seasons in which Messi was the pivotal figure. Now both Pep Guardiola and Messi may come together to lead another glorious footballing adventure but only time will tell.

Lionel Messi with his mentor Pep Guardiola









Takeaway 1
the stats of Messi has finally surfaced online from his Newell’s days where he played from 1994 to 1999.
Miguel Martínez, the press officer at the time released these figures via Ole, an Argentine based outlet    that Messi netted an outrageous 234 goals in 134 matches he played for Newell’s Old Boys till he was 12.
See the younger Messi in Newell’s colours.

A younger Messi during his Newell’s Old Boys days






Now check this video below of a tender Messi playing for the Argentine club.

Takeaway 2
Pep Guardiola arrived at Barcelona in 2008 and transformed underachieving Barcelona into football’s most enigmatic team. Pep Guardiola lead Barca to an astonishing 14 titles win that included 2 Champions Leagues and three La Ligas before leaving for Bayern Munich. Football saw some of the worst controversial matches and some best magical moments. One of them is Messi’s spellbinding second goal against Real Madrid dribbling past defenders with breeze at Bernabeu.
Watch the mesmerizing video below.


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