Online Acoustic Cover Song Competition

Are you bored at home?

It’s a loud world , if you don’t stand out , you’ll be muted !

Discover what you are, or the way you express.

Why do I choose music?
Because it’s the best way to express myself.

Are you bored at home? No where to go, missing all the competition and live music you used to do?

Don’t worry!

Sajha Entertainment Presents Acoustic Cover Song competition.

How to Participate?
Record a acoustic song from your mobile / camera which ever available in Landscape mode. Any song of your choice. Send us the video at or link to Google Drive which ever available to you. If you have no WiFi you can send us in our Facebook Page @SajhaEntertainment.

if you have any question please call us @ 985 600 5113

Please fill up the easy form :
Full Name :
Current Address :
Title of the Song :




What will I get?
1. Winner
5 thousand cash (Esewa, Bank Transfer) + free cover song studio record and video
2. Free cover song studio record and video + Portfolio photo-shot
3. Portfolio photo-shoot.
Top 3 winners will have live interview if possible for our SajhaEntertainment Channel due to the current situation.
4. All participants will be given participating certificates from SajhaEntertainment.

Terms and conditions
1. To be eligible to win the competition one must have minimum of 3K views on YouTube once the video is uploaded.
2. 50% of the judging panel will be from the Company SajhaEntertainment
3. There is no restriction of time length of the song , age, gender and color…

4. Winner will be based on the views / likes / comments in YouTube Chanel.

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