As he discovered his talent in rapping, Samir Ghising made his way to the rap industry by impressing many people. His songs are applauded for being realistic and having ability to relate with the struggle of the young people. Moreover he is applauded for having ability to express his feelings in a exceptional way through his songs. The first Nepali solo artist to hit 1M subscriber on YouTube.

Born in Rautahat, Samir moved to Kathmandu with his Uncle and started painting Thanka. Thanka is a Tibetan painting made on cotton. Samir pursued his high school in Kathmandu. Samir in his many interviews has described himself getting passionate about rapping as he was doing job of painting Thankas. He further goes on saying that he had difficulties juggling between doing his regular job and rapping. Samir has described that he spent most of his pre-fame days living with his friends and writing rap.

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