US President to pause TikTok and WeChat ban

US President , Joe Biden has paused the legal action against the TikTok and WeChat , which could have been banned in the nation.

The apps were almost banned  by while president Donald Trump. He had claimed those apps as national threats.

Both the companies were disappointed by the proposed ban and taken the legal against it.

But now the new administration is seen to pause the action and has now asked for an “abeyance” and study whether the apps pose any threats to the country.

Its just a delay while the apps can continue to operate in the US while the government officials become familiar to the issues .

Mr. Trump had claimed that the spread of these apps which are developed and owned by China can threaten the “national security, foreign policy and economy of US”.

WeChat , the chatting app has around  1 billion users worldwide and another app TikTok which is video sharing app has more than 800 million users worldwide out of which 100 million are from the United states.

The app’s owner , ByteDance has been in talks with software company Oracle and supermarket giant Walmart to finalize the deal which can avoid the ban of apps in US.


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