Top Network Marketing Platform in Nepal, Which one is best???? Know now

Network marketing has become a new tool for online business nowadays. So many networking sites are available which provides you a platform for online business. Although the time period of those sites are not too long, many people are interested in such platforms. Today, we’ll tell you some of the network marketing platforms which are legal in Nepal.

1. Easy 1 up

Easy1up is a digital platform that provides you the knowledge about digital marketing and helps in earning by the same knowledge. In this platform, you can get 6 different packages with different allows its user to learn digital marketing and earn by using marketing skills. You can learn everything you need to know about online earning. The five packages with their cost are:

  • Elevation Basic(25$+5$)
  • Elevation Elite (100$+10$)
  • Vertex Basic (275$+ 25$)
  • Vertex elite(500$+50$)
  • Vertex pro (1000$+100$)
  • Vertex live (2000$+500$)

2. Crowd 1

Crowd1 is an online MLM opportunity that offers shares that you can purchase and earn from building a network of investing members shares as well. This program offers educational guides on various topics from real estate to cryptocurrency trading. When you join Crowd1, you can get educational training products on topics like real estate, funding and marketing
, and many more. You will also get access to platforms like AffilGo and Miggster. AffilGo is a crowd affiliate site that members can generate money through the gaming companies that are participating. Miggster is an online mobile game and social media games that members will have access to.
For joining Crowd 1, first you have to purchase different levels from the members of Crowd1. The different levels along with the purchasing price are:

  • White Level – 99 Euros
  • Black Level – 299 Euros
  • Gold Level –799 Euros
  • Titanium Level –2499 Euros


3. 10 to infinity Network

It is an online business model where you can start your own business of affiliate marketing, where you can earn from 6 different ways i.e. Hive, Ticket to ride, HPL(Honey Production line), etc. Hive is just like the beehive in which you complete it by adding people ie a minimum of 2 people. You can join the network with an initial investment of Rs. 1400 (10$).

4. Vestige Network

Vestige Network is a network marketing site where you can start a business with zero investment. You have household materials and you will get Points value through which you can earn. You can make a chain of people to earn more money. The long-chain you make, the more Points value you will get and more money can be earned.


Hello guys, Myself Sangam from Pokhara, an IT student who has dream to bring a new revolution in Technology in Nepal via hardwork and team spirit.

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