Suraj Thapa’s elimination from Top 6 of Nepal Idol made all cry

One of the most popular contestant of Nepal Idol Suraj Thapa is eliminated from the top 6 round of the show. His elimination from the show has made number of fans shocked ,emotional and anxious at the present moment. When the result of his elimination was announced on the stage, the judges, audience and anchor of the show Reema Bishwokarma were shocked and emotional.


Suraj was considered one of the possible finalist of the franchise show Nepal Idol. He has given many wonderful performance in the show. Few weeks ago he sang “Aamaile sodhlan ni” song of Late Jhalakman Gandarbha which made many people emotional including the judges. Without any doubt his soulful performance will be remembered by his numerous fans and Nepal Idol as well. Along with Suraj Thapa, Nishan Bhattrai and Sujata Pandey were in danger zone. He was eliminated due to less vote than Nishan and Sujata.


Now, there are only top five contestant left in the Nepal Idol.


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