Nepal Telecom Launches Its IPTV service. Package will Start at Nrs. 1230

NT to provide Three Services Over tv

Nepal Telecom has launched its internet-based IPTV service for customers. The service was in the plan for years and has finally materialized after the company widened their FTTH internet service into 39 districts. This will enable Nepal Telecom to bundle out all of its three services internet, communication, and television via a single fiber optic cable.

Parbat Gurung, Minister for Communications and Information Technology inaugurated the service which will be branded NT TV. He expressed his excitement over Nepal Telecom’s unique nature of service which will offer audio, internet, and television service via the same fiber optic.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hari Prasad Basyal emphasized the need to extend the FTTH service across the nation at the earliest. This will help to expand the service countrywide in near future.

NT TV will join the market with other private companies that have already garnered a huge market share. It is set to face stiff competition from Dish Home, Clear Tv,  Prabhu Tv, and others.

Worldlink and Vianet in particular have been the two household names too apart from Dish Home. They are collaborating with NetTV and offer television channels with features such as movies on demand, YouTube service, and many others. But with Nepal Telecom entering the fray, it will trigger the competition further.

Although the service will be limited to a few places doe now mainly, Kathmandu and Banepa, it will quickly go into circulation in areas with FTTH service. Nepal Telecom will roll out its IPTV service in two categories in varying internet bandwidth subscription. Check below for more details.

NT TV Packages and Subscription Charges

The packages are divided into two categories, Basic Package and Premium Package that will be renewable per month, three months, or one year. Their prices will depend on different internet bandwidth subscription.

  1. Basic Package
    Under the Basic package, the users can acquire NT TV for a month with 15 Mbps internet bandwidth at Nrs. 1,230, at Nrs. 3530 for three months for one year it will be available at Nrs. 13,220.
  2. Premium Package

    The premium package with 15 Mbps internet bandwidth will cost customers Nrs. 1,400. 60 Mbps internet bandwidth will be available at Rs. 24,500 for one year.

    What Will You Need for This Service?

    1. Router
      The customers will require to buy a router for the NT TV service. It will cost
      Nrs. 2,885 but will come for free if subscribed to the yearly package.
    2. Set-Top Box
      Another periphery you will need is a set-top box. It will cost you Nrs.
      3,955. But will come at discounted Nrs. 2,825 if you are purchasing a one
      year package.
    3. Drop-Wire
      Telecom will charge Nrs. 11.30 per meter of the cable. It will be free of
      cost for up to 100 meters for a new connection.

How Subscribe to NT TV Service in Your Area?

To get the NT TV service, first, you will have to ensure if fiber internet is available in your region. As already stated, The service is recently launched and many districts are yet to get FTTH service which is the primary prerequisite for this service.

If this service is available in your region then you will have to contact the branch office and fill up a form to choose a package of your choice. After some days, a team will come to your residence and install the fiber.

Visit Nepal Telecom’s official website to get more information on their IPTV service, its availability, and rates.





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