Mazzako Food. Online food delivery in Nepal.

Be a part of Mazzako Food. Online food delivery in Nepal.

Young team from Pokhara just re-launched a online food delivery website and Android app with a new concept to bring food directly from farmers to your home and also food from top quality restaurant in the area.

The plan of the team is not to be only in Pokhara but the whole Nation wide and also operate the system all over the world starting Nepali restaurant on Australia .

The company is based in Pokhara and some part of Terai and Kathmandu region.

” We will encourage the Farmers to sell their products in doing so we will boost their business and we will make sure they have the margin more then selling to local vendors, we are just mediator to the farmers so they they do not loose their products rotten and go to waste” Nabin Achrya said to the Sajha Entertianemnt team on Sunday.

You can download their android app and check the website here :

Website :
Android App :

A short documentary of opening of the Company , Mr. Nabin Raj Acharya – MANAGING DIRECTOR/ IT Department ,  and CEO Manish Shrestha share their dream project with our team.

Watch the full Video

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