Interesting facts about diamonds, that really makes you surprised

Diamonds are taken as the most valuable ornaments now. It is used as ornaments by the people. Here, we will tell you something interesting facts about diamonds which really make you surprised.
1. Diamonds are the hardest and maybe the oldest natural substance on earth. They may be billions of years old. The diamond is only scratched by only another diamond.
2. No any acid or base can dissolve diamond. The only thing that can destroy it is extreme heat. When a diamond is heated about 7280°F, diamond converts into graphite.
3. Diamonds sparkle due to the refraction, reflecting and dispersion property of diamond. When a ray of light enters diamond with some angle, it refracts, reflects, and disperses cause sparkling of the diamond.
4. Diamonds are made up of only carbon. The carbon atoms bond in a unique way under high pressure and temperature below the earth’s surface to form beautiful and rare crystalline of a diamond.
5. The diamonds are 100 miles below the earth’s surface which are brought up due to deep volcanic eruptions.
6. The largest diamond ever discovered was in about 1905 AD in south Africa. It weighed about 3106 carats and is called Cullinian Diamond. It was eventually cut into 9 large diamonds and 100 smaller ones.
7. Archduke Maxmullian of Austria was the 1st person to use a diamond engagement ring in 1477 AD. He gave it to Mary of Burgundy a gold ring featuring an ‘M’ spelled out of diamonds.
8. The most interesting fact about diamond is scientist have discovered a planet composed mostly of carbon having about 1/3rd pure diamond was discovered in 2004 the planet orbits a nearby star in the Milky Way.


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