Increasing Rape Cases In Nepal

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The term “Rape” has tormented Nepalese mentally and people are afraid they might be next. In 2019/20, Nepal reported 2144 rape cases and 687 rape attempts. Apart from this, there are many unregistered cases, because the victim and their families are afraid, their reputation and prestige might collapse or victims are threatened to remain silent by the culprits.

Though most of the cases are of female, infant, old, disabled, male, and animals are also not graced. The Minor groups whose voices can be dominated are more in number comparatively. While friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers are the ones responsible to commit the sin.

People believe corruption and lack of strict actions and laws against culprits give them more power to perform the crime. And the misery is, victims are blamed solely for the cause.

On the land of Bhrikuti and Sita, females themselves are struggling for justice and facing substantial pain. Many lost their lives and we don’t know how many more casualties are yet to come.

People have been constantly raising their voices for justice through various protests, on and off-field. Still, many culprits roam like a free man and are causing more cases to rise.

Awareness can be key to its abolishment because there is still a wrong mindset people hold about rape. We can also empower women and make them physically and mentally strong. But males should also be taught to respect women, their female companions, mates, siblings, if they don’t. The start-up level can be from our own house, community, and school level.

Reproaching victims should be terminated. Rather they should be exposed to more opportunities and given strength to overcome the situation.

Moreover strong governmental laws play a massive role than any other. It should be done from every level so that justice gets served and no other lose their lives because of this delinquency.

Here is a Detailed view of the Rape Cases in Nepal !



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