DJI RSC 2 handheld gimbals Price in Nepal

Price in Nepal ?

Professional-level results are effortless with DJI RSC 2. This compact stabilizer for mirrorless and DSLR cameras features a foldable design and intuitive features, empowering filmmakers, one-man crews, and content creators everywhere.

DJI RSC 2 design and specs
-New folding design means more convenient portability
-Supports increased payload of up to 3kg
-Redesigned axis knobs make re-balancing easier

The DJI RSC 2 doesn’t rehash the gimbal. Broadly talking, it’s a etched hold topped by a three-axis cluster of motorized arms. But see more closely and you’ll spot a few noteworthy changes compared to the Ronin-SC.

Chief among them is the modern collapsing neck plan. Where the Ronin-SC’s hold and gimbal were two partitioned parts, the RSC 2 may be a single unit which pivots at the neck. This might sound like a basic alter, but it’s a more helpful arrangement that moreover makes the RSC 2 more portable. You’re still likely to transport it within the carry case, but the collapsed gimbal involves fair the same region as a sheet of A5 paper. Which is lovely compact.

As the pivot is utilized for the unused ‘Sling’ shooting mode, it’s moreover reassuringly strong, solidly locking in put with a lever. Which goes for the rest of the RSC 2: from our hands-on time with it, the entire gimbal feels well-built, with materials such as aluminum contributing to a strong, premium wrap up.

At 1.1kg, the DJI RSC 2 is basically the same weight as the Ronin-SC, however the modern demonstrate can back cameras which hit the scales at up to 3kg. Supported up by more grounded hub engines, the RSC 2 is in this manner consistent with a entire extend of DSLR cameras. But it’s worth noticing that, in hone, with a 2.5kg camera and focal point joined, you’ll require solid wrists to utilize the RSC 2 single-handedly for expanded periods.

Other physical changes incorporate a trio of USB-C communications ports underneath the camera mounting plate, as well as updated pivot handles which – together with the existing pivot locks – make adjusting the gimbal that much less demanding. You’ll too discover a re-shaped trigger on the front, underneath a unused center wheel, whereas the joystick, mode and camera control button have all been repositioned to form space for a 1-inch OLED data show.

Price is estimated to be Rs.
DJI RSC 2 : Rs. 76160.82
DJI RSC 2 Pro Combo : RS. 112483.68

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