Construction of Nagdhunga tunnel section commenced

The 2.7 km long tunnel is a major aid for the traffic management of one of the busiest highways in Nepal, which serves as the major entry point to the capital

The tunnel way with two ends Thankot, Nagdhunga and Sisnekhola, Naubise is onset.

The projected has started a few days back, after about 1 year of setting the foundation stone.
NAGDHUNGA PROJECT, considered as one of the dream project of Nepal is being constructed under financial and technical support from Japanese construction companies.
As per Gajendra Thapaliya, senior economic and development expert the tunnel construction has been started from both ends Kathmandu and Naubise.
He inspected the project himself and concluded no hurdles in the upcoming days.
If the new problem arises they will be solved immediately and the work will go on at a rapid pace.
The tunnel route will be about 2.7 km long 12m wide and 8m tall. The construction work is ongoing at a rapid pace 24/7each day with 4 blasts per day. He showed his belief that the work will be completed in the expected time. He stated that currently, 200 manpower are working for construction.
The Sisne Khola on the tunnel route will be managed permanently by constructing about 8 inches circular drain. The control panel will also be constructed in the very place.
All the machineries required for construction work worth Rs 4 Arabs are already in Nagdhunga.
This project is launched under international support and is believed to be a successful project with the completion of project within the scheduled time.
1 km out of the total length of 2.7 km will be constructed in F/Y 2077-2078.

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