Assaulting doctors increasing day by day!!

Resident doctor assaulted a resident doctor at KEM, India

Jatin Parmar, an 18 years old patient died following a cardiac arrest in KEM, India. The relatives of Parmar claimed that he was still alive and forced the doctors to restart the ventilator and assaulted the resident female doctor.

As per hospital authorities, Panwar had a fever when admitted to the hospital and was transferred from a nursing home for a ventilator facility at 9:05 on Sep 7. He was breathless and was suffering from fits when admitted.
Hospital authorities said that “Parmar was immediately put on a ventilator because of his deteriorating condition. His clinical condition was explained to the accompanying relatives. Apart from the ventilator, he was treated with antibiotics, anti-fit medications, IV fluids, and blood pressure maintenance medications. Despite all the efforts, the patient’s condition was deteriorating, which was communicated time and again to close relatives.”

At 1.20 am on September 9, Parmar suffered a cardiac arrest and died, Deshmukh, KEM dean said.

“Parmar was declared dead in the presence of his brother and maternal uncle after showing them a flat ECG line, which is indicative of death,” hospital authorities said.

After some time of the declaration of death Parmar’s relatives entered the ICU and claimed that the death was declared without informing them and tore the ECG, police said. “They abused the female resident doctor and even assaulted other hospital staffs,” police added.

They compelled to restart the ventilator.

As the ventilator shows some graphs when not even connected to the patient, the patient’s relatives made a nuisance saying he had spontaneous breath.

On Saturday, resident doctors of KEM Hospital took out a silent march to Bhoiwada police station, demanding an FIR be registered against the family members of Parmar. A case was registered under several IPC sections along with Maharashtra Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Service Institutions Act against five persons, police said. “The patient’s brother was arrested on  Saturday,” police said.

The relatives also created a nuisance asking doctors to check the temperature of the body. The 2nd year basic concept  Forensic Medicine makes clear that the “Post Mortom Caloricity “, ie: the temperature temporarily increases after death. Not knowing all this randomly assaulting and manhandling female resident doctor was the cheapest thing.

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