Android 12 is coming soon, Google drops a major hint – Good News

It looks like Google dropped its first hint on Android 12 arrival for users. Although it has not been confirmed when Android 12 will be reaching the masses or as a beta preview, Google has silently updated its Android Beta Feedback app via the Play Store, strongly indicating that the announcement is close.

Last year too Google dropped the first beta of Android 11 in the same month. And it might be doing exactly the same this year. According to 9to5Google, the company must have also updated the app with newer features to improve the feedback process. However, the app right now is not usable so nothing can be said for sure.

Google had also done the same when Android 11 was released back in 2019. Though nothing is available right now as to what the specs are, we are sure it is coming soon with better tweaks. It can be safely said that android 12 is coming soon!

Some of the screenshot of Android 12

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